Since our inception we have been actively involved in installing HVAC equipment in commercial buildings all over Kenya. With the complexities involved in large scale projects and ever increasing technology that is available, we are very well placed in ensuring the projects run smoothly and are able to collaborate with designers, engineers and contractors in ensuring the best solutions are put in place. Our volume of work for office buildings, banks, Houses of Parliment and warehouses speaks for itself


Our work with GlaxoSmithKline and Cosmos has ensured we are fully equipped to undertake the ventilation and conditioned environment requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. With a huge dependency on having exact conditions at all times, we are able to offer a robust and dependable regimen to ensure high standards are in place.

Hotels and Leisure

Our recent involvement has included the 7 star rated Hemingways Nairobi Boutique Hotel as well as the Golf Course Hotel. Our forte as a company has been our proactive nature in continually working with architects and consultants on finding the best solutions. Ensuring comfort levels of the highest standard in each and every room is of primary importance and requires the attention to detail that we are able to provide.


Our involvement in some of the most prestigious malls and shopping outlets in Kenya is a showcase in our diversity in the HVAC field. With a number of different requirements, our experience and skill enabled us to complete all our projects successfully and on time.


Our portfolio of clients has also led us to carry out our HVAC expertise on residential properties. The South Sudanese Presidential residence was perhaps our most challenging experience but nonetheless one we continued to prove our high standards. We are also able to complete much smaller scale residential jobs with the same effort and quality as we do on some of our larger scale work.

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